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New Food & Wine Online Magazine crashes on day 1


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Wednesday 6 May 2015

Smudge Eats


A new site,, for lovers of food, wine and coffee was launched yesterday, and proved an instant hit. So huge was the traffic, at one point the site crashed and its bandwidth had to be rejigged.

Demonstrating that Aussies love their food, wine and coffee, and are keen to know more, this site marries the content from the Smudge print platform, and cradles it in this new format for everyone to enjoy.

Smudge Publishing, creator of award-winning titles such as The Specialty Coffee Book Victoria and Flavours of Sydney, determined a need for a cuisine-centric site, and went about producing the fresh-faced online magazine. The site focuses on the culinary goings-on of Melbourne and Sydney and their regional, gastronomically fertile surrounds. Regular interviews and collaborations with leaders of the hospitality, food and creative industries sit alongside features exploring seasonal subjects such as mid-autumn mushroom foraging and the comforts of cold-weather cheese toasties.

For the booming population of home-cooks and food enthusiasts, Smudge Eats’ index of recipes from leading restaurants is unrivalled, boasting dishes such as Chin Chin’s Crying Tiger, Tetsuya’s Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout, and Gelato Messina’s Tiramisu.

Renowned for its beautifully assembled books that showcase excellence in fields of food, wine, coffee and produce, Smudge Publishing has channelled its industry-leading body of knowledge, harnessed its vast register of mouth-watering food photography, and created an online space that speaks passionately to those who share its appetite for cooking, eating, and drinking, as well as for Australia’s world-class culinary culture.

The new digital resource, rich with chef-famed recipes, culinary stories and the full picture from produce to platter, was launched yesterday.

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About Us


Established in 2009, Smudge Publishing is an Australian culinary travel publishing house.

Its fourteen-strong collection of titles has drawn global plaudits such as an International IPPY Award for the first edition of Flavours of Melbourne; the title’s second edition was named Best Culinary Travel Cookbook in Australia at the International Gourmand Awards, as well as receiving another Bronze IPPY Award for the best Travel Guide Book.

In addition to the launch of their recipe- and event-driven website, Smudge Publishing will soon release The Specialty Coffee Book New South Wales, Flavours of Queensland and Flavours of South Australia. Instagram & Twitter @smudge_eats #smudgeeats