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First Chinese Australian artist to exhibit at Parliament House, Canberra

20 August 2014


First Chinese Australian artist to exhibit at Parliament House, Canberra


Liang Xiao Ping, a pioneer in Australia of Chinese Calligraphy, will launch a solo exhibition of her works “Soaring to the Sky” at the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra on 22 September, in celebration of Australian Citizenship Day 2014. 


Speaking at a press conference in Sydney today to honour Liang Xiao Ping’s exhibition and Australian Citizenship Day 2014, Federal Member for Berowra and Chief Government Whip the Hon. Philip Ruddock, MP said he looked forward to welcoming this unique artist and her exhibition to Parliament House.


“The exhibition “Soaring to the Sky” is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate to the rest of the world how different cultures and races can come together for one thing and how we can live together, sharing our cultures and core values.


“I look forward very much to hosting the unique artist Liang Xiao Ping and her exhibition at Parliament House in Canberra, so she can share her tremendous skills with Australians as part of our celebration of identity and cultural diversity for Australian Citizenship Day 2014,” Mr Ruddock said. 


In “Soaring to the Sky”, Liang Xiao Ping aims to inspire those who became Australian by choice, to embrace the influences and opportunities to transform themselves and make contributions to the community. She believes it is therefore very fitting that the exhibition will be held in celebration of Australian Citizenship Day 2014.              


In her address today, Liang told media she felt very honoured to be the first Chinese Australian to exhibit her works at Parliament House in Canberra.


“I am extremely honoured and proud to have this wonderful opportunity to bring my art to the Great Hall of Parliament House in Australia’s capital city Canberra, at a time when we celebrate becoming a true part of Australia’s multicultural society.


“I hope my contribution to the Australian people through my work will make this great country even richer in community spirit and understanding.”


Country Garden Australia Deputy Chief Executive Mr Danny Tsang said that the exhibition was a wonderful example of Chinese culture on display and that Country Garden was proud to be supporting such a talented artist as Ms Liang in Australia.


"Country Garden has a proud history of philanthropy and community engagement with sustainability, building communities and education as its core objective,” Mr Tsang said. 


"Supporting the Chinese arts through this exhibition carries that tradition into the company's new market in Australia," he said.



Migrating to Australia from China in 1987, Liang Xiao Ping brought the art of traditional Chinese Calligraphy and poetry with her, finding inspiration and developing her art in a tangent influenced by the Australian culture and environment.        


Liang’s art is a visual dialogue between traditional and modern elements, merging the discipline of the East and the abstract expressionism developed in the West. She has received recognition in Australia and internationally. Her accomplishments include exhibitions in Australia, China, USA, and Canada, lecturing in universities worldwide, book releases, and achieving international art awards. In 2008, Liang Xiao Ping’s work Paean to the Beijing Olympiad – Palindromic Poems and their Expression in Chinese Calligraphy was presented to the Chinese Olympic Committee as a gift from the Australian people.


Anticipated to foster community spirit, Australian Citizenship Day on 17 September provides an opportunity for all Australians to reflect on the value of their citizenship and recognize the contributions that citizens have made to the Australian society. It encourages reflection and celebration of a country that was chosen to be home by many, and one built by a great diversity of backgrounds and a rich mix of culture.