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Turn it Teal 2019 - food allergy awareness

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1 May 2019

Australia is all set to raise Food Allergy Awareness during May and will Turn it Teal to shine a light on the allergies that affect 1 in 10 infants and about 2 in 100 adults in this country.

Turn it Teal will see many buildings and bridges around the world lit up in teal – the colour associated with food allergy awareness – throughout May. In the United States, New York’s Empire State Building, the JFK Airport Air Traffic Control Tower, Seattles Pacific Science Center and Niagara Falls in the Buffalo/Toronto area are all getting ready to glow teal this May.

In Australia, Turn it Teal has partnered with TRIGGER Food Allergy Awareness to light up major landmarks in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

·       In Sydney, the iconic Sydney Town Hall was the first building outside North America to take part in the Turn it Teal initiative and will shine for the third time on Sunday 12 May.

·       Brisbane joined Turn it Teal in 2018 and this year will illuminate both its Story Bridge and Victoria Bridge on Saturday 4 May.

·       Perth came aboard last year and will put the spotlight on food allergy awareness by lighting its Trafalgar Bridge in teal on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 May.

·       Melbourne is the latest Australian city to ‘Turn It Teal’ and will light up the grand Melbourne Town Hall in teal on Monday 13 May.



·     May is Food Allergy Awareness month, and Australia has one of the highest rates of food allergies in the world.

·     In Australia, food allergies are estimated to affect 1-2% of adults, 4-8% of children under the age of 5, and about 10% of children aged under the age of 1.

·     Turn it Teal was started by US mother Stephanie Lowe who aims to light as many prominent monuments and buildings as possible to highlight Food Allergy Awareness. 

·     Turn it Teal has partnered with Australian journalist and TRIGGER Food Allergy Awareness founder Grace Farah, who also has a daughter with severe allergies, to ‘Turn it Teal’ in Australia and beyond.

·     In 2017, Australia was the first country outside of North America to join the Turn it Teal initiative with several other countries joining since.


TRIGGER Food Allergy Awareness founder Grace Farah says:

The Turn It Teal initiative is such a great idea; I knew we had to bring it to Australia. 

 When people see a building or a bridge lit up in teal it starts a conversation and raises food allergy awareness. It also shows our children and families dealing with food allergies every day that Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth care … Australia cares.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to all the great people on the Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth councils who have helped light up some of their city’s iconic structures.

For more information about Australian cities turning it teal, or other ways to help raise Food Allergy Awareness, visit

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