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New St John of God Foundation CEO says donations crucial to clinical research

MEDIA RELEASE - 30 January, 2017

New St John of God Foundation CEO says donations crucial to clinical research

  Nick Harvey, St John of God Foundation’s new Chief Executive Officer, says community and corporate support for clinical research plays a crucial role in community health, and demand is continuing to grow, including in New South Wales and Victoria.

Mr Harvey, who has previously held senior executive roles with national community care provider, Silver Chain Nursing, and Australia’s iconic Royal Flying Doctor Service, knows first-hand the impact of philanthropic support in the health sector.

“Ever increasing health needs of Australians and the changing landscape of health philanthropy continue to see opportunities that not for profit health providers are particularly well-suited to address,” Mr Harvey said.

“Due to constant changes to the health environment and the demographic projections of need into the coming decades, demand for life saving health care will continue to grow exponentially, driving a need among service providers to build capacity, refine best practices, and scale proven programs to serve more people.

“Nationally, the St John of God Foundation supports specialised clinical research studies into more than 25 key health areas such as breast cancer, cardiology, neurosurgery, oncology and respiratory disease.”

The Foundation supported vital research at St John of God Health Care in Western Australia, where Dr Paul Cohen, in collaboration with other researchers from Mercy Hospital for Women in Melbourne and the Victorian Clinical Genetics Service, discovered a breakthrough, indicating that early stage ovarian cancer may be detected by a blood test normally used to screen for Down Syndrome in early pregnancy.

Dr Cohen said while more research was needed, the detection and monitoring of specific cancer mutations in the blood holds much promise for the early screening of the disease.

He said the earlier ovarian cancer can be detected, the earlier treatment can begin and ability to stop the cancer spreading to surrounding tissues and organs.

The Foundation also supports many other research areas including work underway to target the most common causes of cardiovascular hospital admission and deaths in Australia, with participation in global drug trials one of the areas that help assess the most advanced care for cardiovascular disease.

“For this work to continue and to meet increasing demand, we rely on generous support from individuals and the corporate sector to continue this vital research,” Mr Harvey said.

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