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Healthy Food Partnership Executive Committee - Communique

Healthy Food Partnership Executive Committee 

11 November 2016 - Meeting 5

The Australian Government, food industry bodies and public health groups met today to progress the work of the Healthy Food Partnership (Partnership).

The Partnership comprises representatives from the Australian Food and Grocery Council, Ausveg, Coles, Dairy Australia, Dietitians Association of Australia, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, Meat and Livestock Australia, Metcash, National Heart Foundation of Australia, Public Health Association of Australia, the Quick Service Restaurant Forum and Woolworths, and is chaired by the Assistant Minister for Rural Health, the Hon Dr David Gillespie.

The meeting agreed the below Principles which will guide all working groups:
  1. Recommendations to improve the foods offered, purchased and consumed should be based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines.
  2. Recommendations should aim to ensure: healthier choices are the easy choices, consumers are informed at point of purchase, and healthier options are more accessible.
  3. Recommended activities should be transparent and sustainable during implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  4. Communication should be based on a whole diet approach.
  5. Approaches should be pragmatic with activities targeting the largest market share to achieve the greatest gains being considered.
  6. Collaboration and early engagement should be a priority.
  7. The vision and objectives of the working groups should be aspirational, however the specified goals and activities should be achievable within agreed time frames.
  8. The sectors to be engaged are diverse and successful engagement will require a multi-sectoral approach and a range of initiatives. 
  9. Activities may vary between engaged organisations due to their starting point, however to ensure a level of consistency all engaged parties should be encouraged to consider what they will stop doing, start doing and continue to do.
Members considered draft work plans for the working groups on reformulation, food service, portion size, and communication and education.  Draft work plans and further information about the work plans and membership of the working groups is available online at www.health.gov.au/healthyfoodpartnership.

Media contact:  Kay McNiece, 0412 132 585