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All your distribution needs to connect with your audience; journalists, customers, prospects and stakeholders.


Web Publishing

With online and social media continuing to influence how online news is created, posting your release on the web will help boost exposure, impressions and visibility of your story.

  • Leverage Medianet’s web presence by publishing your release directly onto the Medianet News Hub to reach thousands of daily visitors. Boost your SEO efforts, online visibility and be found on Google News
  • Be featured on the Medianet for Journalists (MNJ) platform which is offered exclusively to journalists, reporters and editors. MNJ is Australia’s most comprehensive press release database, archiving your news for ten years.
  • Feature your release on Medianet’s Twitter handle followed by journalists and influential audiences.

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Targeted Media Distribution

Distribute your release through the largest and most up-to-date selection of media contacts and lists.

  • More than 1400 updated, ready-to-use media lists – targeting your message further
  • Largest selection of media categories, subjects, media types and regions
  • Intuitive list suggestion tool so you don’t miss out on relevant media lists
  • Quick and free sign up process for immediate distribution of your press release

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Newswire Distribution

Exclusive to Medianet clients, the AAP Newswire distributes news to most of Australian media outlets, being one of the most reputable and trusted sources of information.

  • Feed your story directly into newsrooms of virtually* all Australian media outlets
  • Extend the life of your release by making it accessible to journalists for future stories
  • You can target your release to individual state newswires, or send to ‘All states newswire’
  • As a bonus, Medianet offer a review, edit and feedback service by our Medianet Editor to ensure your release gets the attention it deserves

*98% of Australia’s newsrooms subscribe to the AAP Newswire.

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Editor Service

Leveraging our relationship with journalists and the media, the Medianet Editor Service is a unique offering in the market and cannot be duplicated by anyone else. The Medianet Editor Service will:

  • Have your release reviewed and summarised by a journalist with an unbiased assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Contact targeted journalists to alert them to your release if it is considered time-sensitive
  • Leverage the relationship Medianet’s media team has with journalists and newsrooms to direct your news and information to them
  • Provide personalised feedback and ratings of  the core elements of your release from the perspective of working journalists

The Medianet Editor Service is exclusive to Medianet and included in our Starter Pack.

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Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (9 of 10)
AAPONE imagewire


Place your images or PR handouts on the AAP One portal used by major media outlets as well as local media, industry publications, book publishers and government departments.

  • Make your images readily available on the leading news image database for Australian newsrooms
  • Your image will be displayed in the ‘features’ section of AAP One where your PR handouts are free for the media to download
  • The caption of your image will include a link to your press release
  • An opportunity available only to Medianet clients and cannot be duplicated by anyone else in the industry

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