Press Release Distribution  

AAP Medianet is the most reputable and relied on source for press release distribution, providing you with access to the broadest media network in Australia. Medianet hosts the largest and most up-to-date collection of media lists, tools and tips to enhance and distribute your press release to the media.


Distribute your content via the largest media network in Australia

  • 1Access over 1400 ready-to-use
    media lists
  • 5Enhance your press release to be ready-to-publish with multimedia content
  • 2Get your release directly into the editorial systems of journalists with the AAP Newswire
  • 6Host your news in an online, multimedia newsroom
  • 3Target a few or reach many with the flexibility to send to one contact or thousands
  • 7Ensure your press release is delivered by a reputable source in the media
  • 4 Unrivalled access to free media planning tools including the daily editorial diary of journalists
  • 8Get started with a free account - No ongoing charges or access fees, just pay-as-you-go
key features
  • Over 1400 specialist, up-to-date media lists
  • Get your content on the AAP Newswire and directly into the editorial systems of journalists
  • Enhance your press release with images, video and audio files
  • Combine your own contacts with our media lists
  • Send your press release to local, national and international media
  • Intuitive list suggestion tool so you don’t miss out on relevant media lists
  • Access to complimentary media planning tools such as Editorial Diary and Media Event Calendar
  • Tweet your release onto Medianet's Twitter accounts and share your content with an expanding base of influential followers.
  • Complimentary Online Publishing of your content to share it with thousands of Medianet website visitors every day.
  • Quick and free sign-up process for immediate distribution of your press release
  • Shopping cart to anticipate your costs and stay on top of your budget
  • Largest choice of up-to-date, specially prepared media lists
  • Your press release in front of thousands of journalists via the AAP Newswire
  • Capture journalists’ attention with integrated multimedia content
  • Around the clock support for convenient and always accessible customer service
  • Unlimited number of logins per company at no-cost
  • Twitter distribution for access to Medianet's followers
  • Publish your content onto the Medianet website instantaneously to add exposure to your content.
  • All your distribution needs in one place to connect with your audience: journalists, customers, prospects, stakeholders or donors. 

AAP Newswire: unrivalled access to every newsroom

AAP Medianet is the only provider that can publish your press release directly to the editorial systems of journalists via the AAP Newswire. The AAP Newswire is accessed by journalists in virtually every newsroom across Australia. Journalists use it as one of the primary sources for news and content.

The AAP Newswire is the best tools for getting exposure for your press release by having it appear alongside the day's breaking news content in a ready-to-publish format. 

Medianet's global reach for your press release

Medianet can translate your press release into forty different languages and distribute it to media organisations and publications all over the world.

Medianet is the only distribution service in Australia that is a part of the largest network of news agencies and distribution partners across the world, ensuring your press release can seamlessly be delivered globally and by an internationally trusted name in media, AAP Medianet.

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Explore how Medianet can help you build, enhance and gain the best-possible exposure for your message with our press release distribution service
Medianet's press release distribution website provides you with the tools you need to build your press release and send to over 1000 up-to-date, ready-to-use media lists.
  • Intuitive 5 step wizard to follow to format your release and send to the media
  • Intelligent list finding functionality matching your release to suitable media lists
  • Remembers your recently used lists 
  • Add, combine and manage your own lists
  • Attach documents, images or videos to enhance your press release
  • Free access so you can start planning for your next press release straight away.
  • No monthly charges or ongoing fees, just pay-as-you-go
  • Shopping cart to manage your budget
  • Easy payment options via credit card or invoice
  • The power to share your release online, publishing on Medianet News Hub and tweeting under one of 15 Medianet handles to an expanding base of influential followers.
Ready-to-use media lists
Medianet's dedicated research team prepare and maintain over 1400 media lists across different subjects, media types, geographic segments and roles in media organisations. With over 400 updates to our lists each day, Medianet can provide you with the most up-to-date and broad selection media lists in Australia.  
  • Over 1400 media lists
  • Categorisation by geographic coverage and subject focus
  • Target by media type
  • Accuracy guaranteed by our dedicated media research team
  • Expertly researched and prepared media lists
  • Seasonal and special events lists and special packages


The AAP Newswire
Exclusive to Medianet, your press release can be posted directly onto the main news feed of Australian newsrooms - the AAP Newswire. Feeding directly to the editorial systems of Australian media outlets, your press release will appear alongside the news content of the day, getting your release in front of thousands of journalists in a ready-to-publish format.
  • Your release directly into editorial systems, alongside the news of the day
  • Your release associated with a trusted news source
  • Your release in the format journalists want
  • Reach multiple contacts with delivery to journalists in all subscribed newsrooms


Enhance your press release with multimedia
Adding multimedia content to your press release enhances your press releases' visibility and appeal across media types. Include images, audio, video and related documents in a branded, online platform delivered directly to journalists.
  • Combine images, video, audio and supporting documents to target the media you need
  • Provide high resolution images for print articles
  • Send audio grabs ready for radio
  • Send links to broadcast quality video straight to TV/online journalists
  • Complimentary report to review your results
  • Distribution to the AAP Newswire, Major Metro and Regional media list
Multimedia newsrooms to host & share online
Medianet’s multimedia news release allows you compile your press release along with any accompanying media assets on its own unique URL. Building a complete newsroom for your campaign message, your press release evolves to be a complete media centre for journalists, bloggers and social sharing. 
  • Add supporting information, research or documents to back-up your story
  • Add multimedia files to appeal to journalists and bloggers across all media types
  • Equipped with social sharing tools your press release is easily shared to social media sites
  • Your release is hosted on its own URL for sharing and embedding onto your own website
  • Includes distribution to some of Medianet’s top lists as a part of the package price
International Distribution
Medianet, is a part of a global alliance of news agencies and distribution networks giving you unparalleled access to international exposure for your press release  
  • Distribution of your press release to nearly any country in the world
  • Partnered with the world’s leading news agencies and distributors, including PR Newswire, CNW Group and more
  • Integration of multimedia to enhance your press release
  • Local expert language translation
  • 24/7 customer support to assist with time zones
Media Planning Tools
Strategic planning is critical to ensuring your press releases success. Our planning tools allow you to assess suitable days to distribute your press release. 
  • Exclusive access to Australia's major Editorial Diary for uncovering publishers and broadcasters new focus for the day
  • Access and contribute to Medianet's Media Event Calendar to provide exposure for your own events






Medianet for journalists  

Medianet for Journalists is a free press release database offered exclusively to journalists, reporters and editors. Every time you send your press release through Medianet, we will post your press release for free to the Medianet for Journalists website, providing you with extensive additional exposure at no extra charge. Your release will form part of the largest database of press releases in Australia and you will benefit from enhanced longevity for your press release.  

To start exploring Medianet's lists, press release distribution wizard and get access to our free media planning tools, you can create a free account and get started 
Step 1: Create a free account

Sign up for a free account in under 60 seconds

With no monthly fees or admin charges, you can start exploring the Medianet press release distribution wizard, our selection of over 1400 lists and free media planning tools.

Step 2: Explore the site

The Medianet website includes free media planning tools including the daily Editorial Diary revealing the schedules of journalists for each day, the Media Events Calendar with company media event listings, free press release templates, tools and tips to help you prepare the best press release possible.

Step 3: Create and send your press release

With our straight forward five step press release wizard, you can upload your press release, enhance it with multimedia attachments, optimise it into a ready-to-publish format for journalists, discover the best lists to distribute to and add your own list of contacts. 

Sign up for Press Release Distribution

Sign up for your free press release distribution account.  

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