International Press Release Distribution  

AAP Medianet is the only international press release distribution service in Australia that is a part of the largest network of news agencies and distribution partners across the world.


Distribute your content to media organisations all over the world

  • 1International press release distribution to over 124 destinations in 105 countries
  • 4Targeted and specialised media lists in every corner of the world
  • 2Get your release translated into forty different languages
  • 5Get started with a free account - No ongoing charges or access fees, just pay-as-you-go
  • 3Target thousands of international contacts in one send 
  • 6Ensure your press release is delivered by a trusted name in the media, AAP Medianet
key features
  • Thousands of targeted media lists in every corner of the world
  • Complimentary translations completed by experts for over forty different languages
  • Enhance your press release with images, video and audio files
  • Seamless delivery by Medianet's international partnerships with news agencies and distribution partners
  • Aligned with national news in the Asian region and a global leader in Press Release services globally.
  • Get noticed by distributing your release with an internationally trusted sender, AAP Medianet.
  • Summary report on where your release is displayed on various websites and publications available in some destinations
  • Quick and free sign-up process for immediate distribution of your press release
  • Customised quote selecting the most relevant international lists for targeted distribution
  • Largest choice of specially prepared media lists
  • Your press release in front of thousands of journalists and publishers all around the world
  • Capture journalists’ attention with integrated multimedia content
  • Around the clock support for convenient and always accessible customer services
  • Publish your content with an internationally trusted brand
  • All your distribution needs in one place to connect with your audience: journalists, customers, prospects, stakeholders or donors. 

Medianet's global reach for your press release

Medianet can translate your press release into forty different languages and distribute it to media organisations and publications all over the world.

Medianet is the only distribution service in Australia that is a part of the largest network of news agencies and distribution partners across the world, ensuring your press release can seamlessly be delivered globally and by an internationally trusted name in media, AAP Medianet.

This map indicates where our affiliates offices are. Our reach goes way beyond this.

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Explore how Medianet can help you build, enhance and gain the best-possible exposure for your message with our International Press Release Distribution service
Medianet is a part of a global alliance of news agencies and distribution networks giving you unparalleled access to international exposure for your press release.
  • Internationally trusted name in the media, AAP Medianet
  • Largest network of news agencies across the world
  • Translation completed by experts inforty different languages complimentary with any international send
  • Expertly researched and prepared media lists
  • Targeted and specialised media lists in every corner of the world
  • Over a million contacts internationally


Ready-to-use media lists
Medianet's dedicated research team prepare and maintain over 1000 media lists across different subjects, media types, geographic segments and roles in media organisations. 
  • Over 1400 media lists
  • Categorisation by geographic coverage and subject focus
  • Target by media type
  • Expertly researched and prepared media lists
  • Seasonal and special events lists and special packages
  • Over a million contacts internationally


Enhance your press release with multimedia
Adding multimedia content to your press release enhances your press releases' visibility and appeal across media types. Include images, audio, video and related documents in a branded, online platform delivered directly to journalists.
  • Combine images, video, audio and supporting documents to target
  • Provide high resolution images for print articles
  • Send audio grabs ready for radio
  • Send links to broadcast quality video straight to TV/online journalists
  • Complimentary report to review your results available in some destination sends


Translation Services
If you want to reach an international audience, you should translate all your press releases into the language of the nations you want to increase your presence in.
  • Translation available in forty different languages
  • Both translated and English press releases will be distributed to increase reach
  • Accurate translation and represents exactly what you stated in your original release
  • Complimentary translation of releases are completed by experts
24/7 Customer Support
Medianet offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service by experts in the field. Assistance available for anything you need relating international distribution. 
  • Assistance with distributing your content
  • Time zone assistance
  • Assistance with tips on how to improve your reach in the overseas media
  • Translation enquiries
  • Assistance with pricing and quotes

Medianet for journalists  

Medianet for Journalists is a free press release database offered exclusively to journalists, reporters and editors. Every time you send your press release through Medianet, we will post your press release for free to the Medianet for Journalists website, providing you with extensive additional exposure at no extra charge. Your release will form part of the largest database of press releases in Australia and you will benefit from enhanced longevity for your press release.  

To start exploring Medianet's powerful international press release distribution service and get unparrelleled, seamless delivery of your release, sign up for a free account to get started 
Step 1: Create a free account

Sign up for a free account in under 60 seconds

To access the powerful international reach of Medianet, sign up for a pay-as-you-go Medianet account. You will gain access to all Medianet has to offer in under 60 seconds and only pay for what you use. 

Step 2: Contact the Medianet Team

If you are ready to send your release internationally to one of our 124 destinations, you can contact or 1300 616 813. Our specialist team are here round-the-clock 24/7 to provide you with a custom international quote of the most relevant international lists for your send.

Step 3: Create and send your press release

When you are ready, send your release to our specialised team, including your hold time (if applicable), source and any additional attachments. As directed by you, your release will be sent through gaining unparalled international exposure. You will also receive confirmation when this is sent. 

Sign up for Press Release Distribution

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