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Gain access to the most trusted Media Contacts Database in the industry, explore the largest editorial calendar used by journalists, view tailored insights of your release and get the opportunity to be placed in front of working journalists.


Media Contacts Database

Identify, connect and build relationships with media contacts by accessing the most up-to-date and reliable media database in the industry.

  • Access over 51,000 key media influencers across social, online and traditional platforms
  • Search contacts by category, topic, region and media outlets
  • Research media professional’s contact details, social media profiles, previously published work and more
  • Build and save media lists that automatically update media contact’s details
  • Thousands of updates made weekly to the database – that’s equivalent to hiring 10 full-time researchers for your office

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Media Events Calendar

Knowing what other events are happening and promoting your own are critical to your media planning. The largest editorial calendar newsrooms and publications turn to for their news and planning event coverage.

  • Review and plan ahead and find out what journalists are covering around the date of your event
  • Add your event to attract leading journalists
  • Review what others in your industry are planning
  • No charge to post your event when creating a free Medianet account

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Editor Service Laptop+iPhone1

Editor Service

Leveraging our relationship with journalists and the media, the Medianet Editor Service is a unique offering in the market and cannot be duplicated by anyone else. The Medianet Editor Service will:

  • Have your release reviewed and summarised by a journalist with an unbiased assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Contact targeted journalists to alert them to your release if it is considered time-sensitive
  • Leverage the relationship Medianet’s media team has with journalists and newsrooms to direct your news and information to them
  • Provide personalised feedback and ratings of  the core elements of your release from the perspective of working journalists

The Medianet Editor Service is exclusive to Medianet and included in our Starter Pack.

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