How to write a press release: Template


Use our Press Release Template to write the content of your story. A press release is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways in which to communicate your organisation's news or cause. Follow our simple steps to successfully write a relevant news release that will gain a journalist's attention.

Our Press Release Template has been updated based on the feedback we collected from 447 publishers and journalists.

The news value of your press release is key to helping a journalists decide if it is worthwhile. So take some time to think about the content of your press release. Is it new? What impact will this have on your customers? Competitors? On the world? What is the human interest? Does someone famous take a stand on your issue?

Once you have determined the story you want to tell, you are ready to craft an effective media release. Download Medianet's press release template to help you lay out your content. And remember: every press release needs editing, so make sure you get someone else to proofread your content.

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  • News headlines
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    • PM to kick-start campaign in Sydney   |  
    • Climate protest in PM's Sydney electorate   |  
    • PM, Shorten use Brexit to their advantage   |  
    • Police swarm Melb CBD ahead of race rally   |  
    • Shorten tries to steal PM's launch thunder   |  
    • Somalia gunmen take hostages at hotel   |  
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    • Southampton sign Redmond from Norwich City   |