Case Study: myPlates  

myPlates broadcast on TV at peak hour time“We chose Medianet because we wanted to increase the response rates of our media alerts. This proved to be a right decision. ”

Company Overview

Plate Marketing Pty Ltd was appointed by the Roads and Maritime Services in October 2010 to operate the special number plate business 'myPlates'. myPlates issues a range of personalised plates for cars, light trucks, heavy vehicles, trailers and motorcycles. Clients can choose between several level of personalisation; from restyling to creating new content for their plates. myPlates is the official supplier for custom-tailored plates for motorists in NSW.


The main challenge that myPlates faced was its brand positioning. The perception of the public about custom-made plates was that they were expensive. There was also a lack of customer understanding about the large range of options available in terms of style and pricing. Also, myPlates was wrongly perceived as a governmental body.


myPlates decided to take advantage of the launch of their "ART range" for cars by creating six new designs.

They crafted a media release to demonstrate the visual elements of the new ART range as well as key information on price and the options available.


  • myPlates used the Medianet Database to complete their own media list to reach out to the right media outlets
  • They selected NSW State Newswire to extend the reach of their release. NSW Newswire is a constant feed of news directly connected to the editorial system of media outlets based in NSW
  • They also attached several pictures of the new "ART" range to their media alert



myPlates received a huge national broadcast hit following the send of their media alert directly onto the NSW State Newswire.

Channel 10 "The Project" program featured the launch of the new "ART" designs using all the key information mentioned in the media release as well as the pictures attached. This was more than 30 seconds of media coverage at a peak audience time, on a free-to-air national television network.

myPlates was also featured on niche online publications.

Examples Of Coverage

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Products used

- Featured on Channel 10 "The Project"
- Average rating of 500,000+
- Big brand exposure

"We are very happy with the result we achieved after using the Newswire. We chose Medianet because we wanted to increase the response rates of our media alerts. This proved to be a right decision. Overall, our experience with Medianet has been very positive without mentioning the great customer service and support we received. We would definitively recommend Medianet services to other clients"".

Jeff Kaplan -
PR and Promotions Manager -

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