Case Study: AUSVEG  

AUSVEG gains global media attention with Medianet's Multimedia News Release“We had immediate results as our story was featured in a news program that evening ”

Company Overview

Representing 9,000 local growers and a $10 billion dollar industry, AUSVEG is at the heart of the Australian vegetable Industry. Its primary activities are in defending the interests of growers through advocacy activities and in providing research and development services, with the objective to secure the future of the industry.


Recently the Australian Government considered allowing potato imports from New Zealand, risking the introduction of a destructive insect. AUSVEG needed to seize immediate attention from the media to rally public support against the threat.


Given the imminent risk to the industry and the need for a decisive response, AUSVEG chose Medianet and its Multimedia News Release to propagate the campaign and maximize media coverage.

    • AUSVEG was able to create its own electronic pressroom, displaying text, video, hig-res photos, PDF documents, links and social sharing all hosted on a unique webpage

    • Widespread distribution was assured through use of the AAP Newswire, major metropolitan and regional email networks.



"We had immediate results as our story was featured in a news program that evening", said William Churchill. "In the month of the release, we found that we had received a higher proportion of TV mentions compared to our usual figures. We also received a high level of online exposure following the Multimedia News Release".

By taking advantage of the options offered by Medianet, AUSVEG successfully achieved its objective of building momentum around an agricultural issue within a tight timeframe.

Examples Of Coverage

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Products Used

- Multimedia News Release
- AAP Newswire


- 425 unique visitors: engagement of all media types
- 40% of total downloads for the footage, leading to strong TV coverage
- 8.8 million: the potential cumulative national audience

"Following the release, we received a great number of calls from radio, television and print media, reaching a potential cumulative national audience of 8.8 million people. The footage from our release featured in major current affairs and news programs that evening; and our media hits in the month following the release were among the highest we have ever received".

William Churchill -
Communications and Public Affairs Manager

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