Case Study: All Together Now  

All Together Now sparked strong interest for a community project“Using Multimedia News Release proved to have excellent results for the costs and the time spent ”

Company Overview

Founded in 2010, All Together Now promotes the prevention of racist behaviour in Australia. They are Australia's only national charity that has a sole focus of addressing racism and reguarly implement innovative campaigns to encourage people to speak up about racism.


All Together Now devised a one-year campaign focused on racism in Sydney's Parramatta region. "One Parramatta" aimed to address interpersonal racism among 18-34 year olds by interviewing passers-by in order to create a series of one-minute videos. While the project was original enough to receive a positive support from various partners, All Together Now needed expert support on how to engage with the media.


Being a video based campaign, Medianet's Multimedia News Release proved to be the best solution for the needs of All Together Now. 


    • Using a Multimedia News Release allowed All Together Now to share the video stories directly with the media, helping them achieve their goal of gaining media attention

    • Distributing via the NSW state-version of the AAP Newswire ensured All Together Now's media release was seen by a larger number newsrooms and journalists but was still targeted as a NSW based campaign.


All Together Now achieved success with their Multimedia News Release with local newspapers, ethnic news reporters and important blogs from across the not-for-profit sector covering the story.

The media coverage obtained enanced All Together Now's credibility in the community and was one of the elements that enabled them to successfully develop a new partnership with a TV Community channel.

With special thanks paid to Medianet's customer service team, All Together Now was able to successfully implement the perfect media solution furthering their cause in the minimum amount of time.

Examples Of Coverage

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Products Used

-Multimedia News Release
-AAP Newswire


- +100 unique visitors to the online pressroom

- Over 10 media articles across a wide range of media outlets, online, in print and broadcast

- Awareness of the project improved

- Credibility of the NGO ascertained

"We needed a way of telling our story to a wide range of media outlets so they could spread the message further. The first movie was released at the same time as the media campaign and it is by far the most-watched episode of the series. I believe this is due to interest from the media, which in turn inspired the public to find out more. Using Medianet brought us excellent benefits for little time spent!".

Priscilla Brice-Weller -
Managing Director –
All Together Now

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