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“We chose Medianet because we wanted to increase the response rates of our media alerts. This proved to be a right decision.”
Case Studies
AUSVEG gains global attention with Medianet's Multimedia News Release
How using Multimedia News Release made such a difference in a community project
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  • News headlines
    • NZME shares slow to fly off the shelf   |  
    • Honda airbag kills woman in Malaysia   |  
    • Turnbull, Shorten enter poll home stretch   |  
    • Masseuse charged over child sexual assault   |  
    • Vic footballer fined over nightclub fight   |  
    • Brexit decision was right: Howard   |  
    • Perth body on beach not suspicious   |  
    • ADF paid lawyer but not abuse victim   |  
    • Phelps drops 200 free at Olympic trials   |  
    • Injured Lochte bombs in US Rio swim trial   |